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Mojácar Beaches

Mojácar’s 17 kilometres of coast stretch from Marina de la Torre (in front of the golf course) on the border with Garrucha, to the Granatilla dry river bed in the impressively pretty outlying Sopalmo, just a few kilometres from the beginning of the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park and the border with the municipality of Carboneras.

Visitors can find virgin beaches, ideal for the most solitary, as well as more touristy beaches with numerous services.

Awarded European Union Blue Flags or the subject of quality plans, the fine sandy beaches are the most popular with families, where there is the offer of a range of leisure activities and all services are available: the beaches of Marina de la Torre, El Descargador, El Cantal, Cuevadel Lobo, Las Ventanicas and Venta del Bancal, among others.

  1. Laguna del Río Aguas: A protected area of high ecological value. A lagoon located at the mouth of the River Aguas, it is the habitat for many kinds of birds, especially waterfowl, as well as a habitat for amphibians.Flora predominantly consists of reeds and rushes.
  2. Playa La Rumina:  Near the quietest residential area of Mojácar, and next to the mouth of the River Aguas. Medium-grained, greyish sand.
  3. Playa del Palmeral: These spacious sandy beaches are among the best connected and most easily accessed. Medium-grained, greyish sand.
  4. Playa del Descargador:  Its name comes from and old mineral-loading platform, which no longer exists. Medium-grained, greyish sand.

    Services:  Disabled access, lifeguards, changing rooms and toilets, playground, mini golf and beach bars.

  5. Playa Piedra Villazar: Located near the crossroads which link the municipality’s coastal strip with access to the village. In the vicinity of this beach is the luxurious Parador de Mojácar hotel. This beach is named after the rock structure located on the sand, the remarkable Villazar stone. Medium-grained, golden sand.

    Services: Lifeguard service, amphibious chairs, changing rooms and toilets, playground area, hammocks and beach bar.

  6. Playa Vista de Los Angeles:  Located in an easily accessible and well-connected area, this beach offers multiple services and leisure opportunities. The sand is medium grained, making it very comfortable, and has clean waters.
  7. Playa del Cantal:  Our most popular beach, equipped with a comprehensive variety of medical services, beach-bars, leisure and sport attractions. It has easy access and good connections. There is a curious and interesting outcrop of stone on the sand in front of the campsite.

    Services:  Changing rooms with footbaths and toilets, lifeguard service, hammocks, beach bars.

  8. Playa del Lance:  A mixture of pebble and sand. This beach gets its name from the fishing activities based here several centuries ago. It is surrounded by tourist services and frequented by residents and visitors thanks to its easy access and communications. Water sports.
  9. Playa Cuevadel Lobo:  This beach is named after one of the first buildings in this area, which was built in the early 1960s and owned by a famous pianist. With easy access, this beach is perfect for leisure and for quiet relaxation. Grey sand beach with some rocks.
  10. Playa de las Ventanicas:  Wide sandy beach, next to a developed seafront, the beach at Las Ventanicas has easy access and communication. The beach offers multiple leisure and relaxation services. Fine sandy beach.

    Services:&nbsp:Lifeguard service, changing rooms and toilets, water chair, hammocks, water sports and beach bars.

  11. Playa Venta del Bancal: The first beach serving the developed areas of Mojácar coming from the west. It is bordered by the seafront promenade and is protected by an artificial breakwater. Continuing west from this beach we come to the final foothills and gullies where the Sierra Cabrera mountains come down to the sea. Sandy beach.
    Services:&nbsp:Lifeguard service, changing rooms and toilets, water chair, hammocks, water sports and beach bars.

  12. Playa de Macenas: Macenas beach owes its name to the tower built during the reign of Carlos III, according to a generic project conducted in 1765 for a major waterfront area of Almería. Quiet and relaxing beach.There is beach bar.
  13. Protected Beaches:  A beautiful area of volcanic rock and sand. These beaches are protected for the practice of naturism. Here we ask users to observe the highest standards of care and respect for our environment. These beaches do not have any services, with the single purpose of remaining faithful to and respecting their natural beauty and scenery.
    CALA DEL PEÑÓN OR PIRULICO: Next to the lookout tower which dates from the reign of Felipe II.
    CALA DEL SOMBRERICO: Where there is abeach bar.
    CALA DE LA GRANATILLA:&nbsp,With easy access from the small hamlet of Sopalmo.
    LA CALA DEL LANCE: We find this returning east from the tower.

Mojácar Council (Ayuntamiento)

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